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Math Coaching Institutes

December 2008 

February 2009

March 2009



Comments (7)

Dave Elkins said

at 10:40 pm on Mar 10, 2009

Does anyone have the fruit for thought problem with the fruit on it?

Dave Elkins said

at 12:08 pm on Mar 11, 2009

Hello, I tried to add a comment yesterday and I am not sure that it worked. If it did I am not adding this to be pushy. Can someone add the fruit problem (the one with the fruit on it) David's resources?

Ann Sipe said

at 4:04 pm on Mar 11, 2009

I will e-mail david and ask for the .pdf version that will retain the pictures of the fruit. In the meantiime - I have orange + banana = plum written on the sheet and can scan that in if it would be useful to you. Let me know

Greta Bornemann said

at 7:34 am on Mar 12, 2009

You will find the pdf versions of the fruit for thought activity now posted in David Foster's folder.

Dave Elkins said

at 10:04 pm on Mar 12, 2009

Thank you very much. The coaching training has helped me a great deal.

Ann Sipe said

at 4:07 pm on Mar 14, 2009

I am a little confused by the logistics of I have...Who has? Who end up with the cards or do they keep their own card, what is the game element (like, what makes it fun?)

Tim Bartlett said

at 11:02 am on Mar 24, 2009

We're planning for PD next year and want to include film study. We'll make some of our own, but also would like to know if others have access to good films you would share with Granite Falls.

Miss you all already. It is strange not to have another meeting on tap. I know where Jeff hangs out for karaoke though, so I may visit him some Friday night up in Ferndale.

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